There are three of us who operate this web site. We are June Caldwell, Anne Clary, and Christine Winkler. Not only do we have a combined more than thirty years of experience in psychological counseling, we are comfortable to be with and practical in the advice we give. We know that you'll be satisfied.

License# MFC12987

June holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has completed graduate work at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She has completed advanced coursework in the fields of guided imagery, hypnotherapy and parent effectiveness training. She has been a seminar leader and lecturer of parent/teacher effectiveness and self esteem of child and adult.

June is founder and director of American Counseling Institute, est 1980, where she has a thriving private practice specializing in marriage, family, relationship counseling. She is a facilitator at the Wellness Community where cancer patients and caregivers learn to fight for recovery from cancer.

License# MFC23879

Anne has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychotherapy from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. She has had extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families to help them improve relationship and communication skills. She has worked with health and psychological problems dealing with anxiety, headaches and depression to life-threatening illness. She works with cancer and AIDS patients and their families and adolescents and their families.

Anne is currently co-director of the American Counseling Institute, she is a facilitator at The Wellness Community (which deals with cancer recovery), she works as a counselor for juvenile diversion, both within the high school and privately.

License# MFC9011

The focus of Christine's service is to treat individual mental and physical health concerns by activating mind-body techniques. She has been providing psychotherapy for 15 years. Her private practice is predominantly involved with issues concerning personal growth, marital relationships, sexuality issues, learning to control stress, dealing with and treating depression and anxiety. She is co-director of The American Counseling Institute.

Christine is a facilitator at The Wellness Community, where cancer patients and families participate in psychological support to become patient-active in their recovery from cancer. Her specialty is in health psychology, understanding and strengthening the immune system for dealing with illness and disease.

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